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Category: Media Reviews
Friday, February 17th, 2006 @ 05:38 pm
Posted By Brent

I finished Psychonauts last week and I only have one thing to say about this game: if you either have not played it, or you've played it and not liked it, elbow yourself in the sack. Now.

This is one of the best games I've ever played. I once read a review where someone said that it's the story and characters that make it such a great game but that its platformer gameplay is par for the course. I wish I could remember who said that so I could go to his house and kick his Mom in the mouth. Of course, I'm no "platformer expert," but holy shit, there was hardly a square inch of this game that wasn't original and totally awesome at the same time. At the same time.

There were a few downsides, but I found them completely forgivable. For one, the controls take a lot of getting used to. The walking and jumping crap is straight forward, but once it comes to using your powers I found myself forgetting which button does what and having a bit of difficulty pulling of the more involved powers while running or in intense situations, but I overcame these after a little bit of practice.

The other sore point was the couple of times I had to deal with platformer, pull your hair out, bullshit. You know the drill: Jump up here then dodge that then climb that then walk across that then fall. Lather, rinse, repeat. Like I said, it happened once, maybe twice, but I'm sure you've shared this aggravation before.

And Scott, we were both right and wrong, it hasn't - yet - come out for the PS2. While on the subject of what platforms it's available for, let me take this time to chastise the creative geniuses at Double Fine: you fucked up, this should have been a Gamecube game. You missed your demographic mark by a wide margin. The XBox is a console for shooters that happens to have driving sims and Madden. The PS2 is a console for Final Fantasy and its clones that happens to have driving sims and Madden. The Gamecube if for people who want to play fun and innovative games. Sure there's platformers for both like Ratchet and Shit and Jakk and Ballsack, but the only reason those do any well is because 9 out of every 10 video game commercials are for them.