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-Thomas Jefferson
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Category: Social
Friday, April 5th, 2002 @ 02:08 am
i'm thinking it's high time for some pool and some beer. the weather's been nice lately and few things are nicer to do on a nice day than to go to a bar where they have all the windows or doors open or whatever and drink some beer and shoot some pool. i'm thinking saturday would be a good day for this.

anyone with me?


NAME: XenuSux
Saturday, April 13th, 2002 @ 10:20 pm
I LOVE Ping Pong. O.k.....first of all I'm a luser 4 luving ping pong, and 2nd of all, Ima hella luser 4 not showing at all, but worked called, and at $75 per hour, I answered. Sorry guys.

NAME: Tran
WEBSITE: http://www.geocities.com/deathtran/
Sunday, April 7th, 2002 @ 04:41 am
Beel and pool is overrated. How about Ping Pong and pool?

NAME: r edbean
Saturday, April 6th, 2002 @ 06:40 pm
danny ash? if so call me.

NAME: miss a
Saturday, April 6th, 2002 @ 03:07 pm
You guys are very connected.

NAME: GirlyGirl
WEBSITE: http://glitch13.com
Saturday, April 6th, 2002 @ 01:42 pm
what time?

NAME: ian
Saturday, April 6th, 2002 @ 01:21 pm
okay. robert's bar on calhoun st. is where we're going.
right about here

NAME: suz
Saturday, April 6th, 2002 @ 10:30 am
ahh, glitch has the good stuff.....lucky punk.

NAME: ian
Saturday, April 6th, 2002 @ 08:57 am


NAME: glitch13
Saturday, April 6th, 2002 @ 12:23 am
bud rips = A bar in the ninth ward

V = vicadin.


NAME: ian
Friday, April 5th, 2002 @ 11:03 pm
so what did you mean?
where's bud rips?
what the hell is a v?

NAME: r edbean
Friday, April 5th, 2002 @ 07:44 pm
you just saved me my friend

NAME: ian
Friday, April 5th, 2002 @ 07:33 pm
that was not remotely in english.

NAME: r edbean
Friday, April 5th, 2002 @ 07:08 pm
bud rips is a good place for it.
and you may luck out like glitch and get like a hundred v's for gas money.

NAME: ian
Friday, April 5th, 2002 @ 03:25 pm
haw haw!!!

i know who xenusux is!

the other other black man seems to be having a little trouble with double posting today.

NAME: XenuSux
Friday, April 5th, 2002 @ 11:56 am
Hell, I'm always up for the balls n' all (pool and beer). Hell yah!

NAME: XenuSux
Friday, April 5th, 2002 @ 11:28 am
Hell, I'm always up for the balls n' all (pool and beer). Hell yah!