i hate that fucking liar. every word that comes out of his mouth is a fucking lie.

-AgainstOne (commenter on Kotaku)
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Category: Booze
Tuesday, May 10th, 2005 @ 10:58 am
Posted By Brent


Ok, we have, what I can only guess to be, a woman getting rodgered by a pot roast. My god. I quote John when I say, "Man, when is the meteor just going to come down and take care of us?"

I mean, scat is one think, fucking women with parts of dead cows is just, just, well, there just hasn't been an adjetive invented yet that can encompass all that I see here. To make matters worse, well, just look:

She pissing! There's tools! My god, how long to you stroll through life just not satisfied with how the good ol' fasioned 'in-out' is faring before you let some guy plug you up with a piece of Bessie in his tool shed? And as if it isn't fucking wacked enough for you to get your rocks off, you have to piss all over his hands, have it photographed and send it out over the internet! Sheesh!

Bon apetite!


So, either she has some sort of disease that causes extreme inflamation of the vulva, or her mean boyfriend told her to wrap dental floss around her cooter to make it nice and puffy. Why would he want that? Shit if I know, I mean, look up there, there's people in this world who like to get stuffed full of steak tar-tar.

Or maybe someone threw a cow tongue on her crotch:

I doubt I'll ever find out in my lifetime.


Geez, if I were standing next to this woman, she'd probably have a bigger buldge in her pants than me. Not only that, but it ate her underwear! Christ, sorry, email me if you can come up with a better commentary that this, I'm just dumbfounded.


Oh yay, the obligitory 'old lady doing some kind of depraved sexual act on film' deal. Thought I'd throw it in due to its graphic nature, its got some nifty double ass penetration, and the fact that she's smiling like she's at fucking Glamour Shots.

But then it gets interesting: Now, it could just be a hunk of custume jewelry or some shit, but not a good issue of WTFIT? does saying that make. I'd like to believe she's married. And not to one of the guys in the picture, because no matter how old fasion and mysogonistic(sp?) it sounds, but you can't marry a girl hat you can do that to, I mean, she does have to kiss your children and everything. So she's married, big whoop, eh? Well, I know lots of porn people are married, but this is a special case, seeming as she looks about 50-60 years-old. A married woman that old is bound to have quite a bit of history: friends, kids, grandkids, shuffle board team members, and the like... how could she take part in such a flagrant display of ass-stretching?

And while we're on this pic, I would like to bring up something else: the way I see it, tag teaming a chick is not a 'gay' experience shared between the two men, you're just all sharing in the love, or at least from where I stand. Sure, your balls may swipe each other every now and again, one of the guys might accidentally touch the other guy's schlong while reaching for the girl's love taco, stuff like that. BUT! double penetration smacks of something else completely: if half of the friction that's causing you to enjoy yourself is coming from sword-fighting with someother dude's wank, well, you're gay buddy, even if you didn't like it.


NAME: scott
Friday, August 12th, 2005 @ 08:40 am
And thanks to your comment, it's back in the public eye.

Good morning, America!

NAME: mc
Friday, August 12th, 2005 @ 04:19 am
This shit is still on this site.......
and I accually looked this crap up?