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Category: Work
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005 @ 11:51 am
Posted By Brent

I have a manager at my company, let's call him Manager Doofus. Here's how a telephone call from Manager Doofus to me went today:

Phone: Ring. Ring.
Smarmy IT Dude (me): Brent here.
Manager Doofus: Hey, how big is three megs?
SID: Depends, what are you doing with it?
MD: Uh, it's from (client company).
SID: Well, is it being emailed?
MD: Uh, yeah, sure.
SID: Then three megs shouldn't be a problem from the office.
MD: Yeah, but how big is it?
SID: It's about as much as two floppy disks hold.
MD: But these are CDs (Editor: don't ask me).
SID: ...
MD: So how much is that.
SID: Three megs is about as much as two floppy disks hold.
MD: How many pictures would fit in that?
SID: That depends on a lot of different things.
MD: Well, they're small.
SID: If they're at a small resolution with low quality, you could probably fit well over thirty of them. If they're larger, could might only be able to fit a few, if any at all. It depends.
MD: So, it can fit about thirty, ok.
Phone: click.
Like most of these conversations, I can't possibly glean what he needs from the context, and directly asking is like trying to nail jello to a wall. So I simply hang up the phone confident that his ego is probably too big to allow him to call me back and ask me the same stupid questions all over again (not that it's stopped him before mind you).


NAME: shit
Monday, May 30th, 2005 @ 11:56 am
snooty computer people!

NAME: scott
Thursday, May 26th, 2005 @ 10:49 pm
I totally feel your pain. I spent a good couple hours last week trying to explain storage sizes to my dearheart and it's just such an odd thing to verbalize. It's the kind of thing you just know or you don't and no matter how much you try to analogize it or relate it or whatever you just end up with "I think I get it" and a quizical look.