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Category: Booze
Sunday, July 10th, 2005 @ 09:25 pm
Posted By Brent

I'd like to tell you all about my dream last night. Usually I don't relay dreams to people because I know when people start recounting their "crazy dreams" to me I begin to zone out around the 4 second mark. The difference here is that I told it to Scott, Brenda, and Kim, and all involved were laughing quite heartily, so I figured it was a keeper.

I'm sitting down having a drink in a trendy bar surrounded by the young and beautiful. I slowly realize that everyone is drinking "P. Pueblo" brand tequila and having a blast. In walks a gentleman of the Latino persuasion, quite debonair in the vein of Marc Anthony, wearing a white suit with a white fedora. For some reason that only exists in dream logic, I know his name is also P. Pueblo.

All of a sudden I am sitting in a commercial for P. Pueblo brand tequila being pushed by the company's stylish spokesman, P. Pueblo himself. Everyone's having a great time and greeting him, and every time someone acknowledges him by saying something like, "Hey, P!", he strikes a pose involving a very excited finger point to the person and yells in his exaggerated Mexican accent, "a P. Pueblo for you!!!"

He jaunts through the bar throwing out this catch phrase multiple times before he gets to my general vicinity and flops down on the bar stool next to me. At this point I notice an adolescent girl standing outside the door, and she yells, "Can I come in?" P. Pueblo lifts a hand in the air and says "a P. Pueblo for the teenager!" The music stops and everyone in the bar gasps in disgust. He pauses and says, "Just kidding!" The music kicks backs in and everyone continues partying.

Then, retaining his Ricky Ricardo accent, he turns to me (the camera) and says, "Remember, drink responsibly."


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