The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.

-Alexis de Tocqueville
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Category: Philosophy
Thursday, September 18th, 2003 @ 11:22 am
Posted By Brent
Dear Nice Weather,

I hate you. You come but once, maybe twice a year, stay for a few weeks then leave. Why do you feel the need to tempt us? Is there some kind of masochistic side of you that enjoys tormenting us?

We are but simple people who have accepted the fact that we live in a steamy cesspool of a city, yet you feel obliged to come and show us how the rich people are living, but not long enough for us to enjoy it, just long enough for the seeds of discontent to be sown.

Soon, it will be winter. While many people feel relieved that cold weather is imminent, that's just the heat talking. Once it starts we curse it almost louder than we curse the heat. It's amazing how a city so famous for its unbearable heat can be so cold that you want to kill people -- but, of course, nice weather, you already know this.



Category: Social
Friday, September 12th, 2003 @ 03:14 pm
Posted By Brent
Johnny Cash. Dead. John Ritter. Dead. Bad day for people named John trying to revive dead careers. PSA: If your first name is John and you used to be a celebrity, don't try a comeback. You could die today. Even if you try sometime in the future.

In other news, last weekend during a drunken night of glee at my house, Ian introduced me "Gay Bar" by Electric 6, and I'd have to say its been and endless source of teh funney since. Not to mention I got reintroduced to "Danger (High Voltage)", featuring none other than that whiney little cockass Jack White. Kudos to Niel for bringing that one to our collective attentions months ago, and Kudos to Ian for bringing them back up. And kudos for me 'cause I am so damned cool. Oh yeah, and if you haven't seen the video for either, jump on your p2p theft vehicle of choice and start downloadin'. Sure, you may be putting yourself at risk for a lawsuit, but that's the kind of risk us seekers of goods must take to live life the way we do.

In third-ish other-ish news, we went down to the lake front with daiquiris in tow, on a beee-youtiful Saturday evening last weekend to take in the sights and sounds of summer giving way and gracing us with the great week and a half of autumn that we so richly enjoy and deserve. While we were there, there was some guy buzzing around in one of those ultra-light aircraft that apparently, after talking to a few coworkers, are all the rage these days. It was like, cool and stuff. Then we went to get oysters at Acme Oyster House, but they were closed for a private party, so we just drank beer and read Playboys for the rest of the night.

In Forth-ish other-ish news, I'm popping the veritable cork on the second coming of the TurboDiesel. That's right boys and girls, tonight the caps will fly in the air like confetti as we guzzle down bottle after bottle of home brew, lovingly crafted wit' me own hands. So come one, come all and join in the festivities and stay and drink as long as you like. Unless I get a chance at the CP. Then all you bastards are getting kicked the fuck out real quick like.