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-Kevin Meaney
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Category: Personal
Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 @ 10:09 pm
Posted By xerxes7
Time for a post-partisan update.

What happened once...

has happened again!

That's right, we got some flat-bottomed taco shells and can attest to their upright-standing powers. We were so impressed that we even took their picture while they were sitting in the beautiful chair of honor and beauty.

How good were these tacos? So good that I'd venture to say that if Nancy were to stick to tacos instead of those big ol' burgers, she might not be inclined to kill herself.


Category: Philosophy
Monday, October 6th, 2008 @ 07:46 pm
Posted By xerxes7
I'm here to make an update. A little something to keep the conversation flowing.

See, first I read an essay that really made sense to me. You can find it here.

An escerpt:
Ask yourself: how has "elitism" become a bad word in American politics? There is simply no other walk of life in which extraordinary talent and rigorous training are denigrated. We want elite pilots to fly our planes, elite troops to undertake our most critical missions, elite athletes to represent us in competition and elite scientists to devote the most productive years of their lives to curing our diseases. And yet, when it comes time to vest people with even greater responsibilities, we consider it a virtue to shun any and all standards of excellence.

I was so impressed by it, that I had to find out about the guy who wrote it. This is a link to lots of his essays.

But most of all, somewhere off of one of those links, I found something else. This has a rather inflammatory title, but it's also some pretty interesting reading.

So there's something to chew on. How the hell is everybody?