ISSUE #1:       (01/06/01) In the virgin issue of WTFIT? we'll explore strange growths and women who have no shame. Both pics lifted from The School of Ass.
ISSUE #2:       (01/09/01) Doing this feature may be affecting my sex life. Please, view with caution.
ISSUE #3:       (01/25/01) Strange swelling abound in another glorious issue of WTFIT?. Viewer discretion is advised. What the fuck does that mean? Do they want you to keep it a secret that something has nudie scenes in it? Discretion my ass, tell everyone!
ISSUE #4:       (03/31/01) Well, its been a while, but once again back is the incredible. I took a small vaction on WTFIT? and our humbly retarded field journalist Xerxes agreed to take the task off my hands this go round, watch as his youthful learning disabled innocence is taken from him!