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Category: Games
Thursday, January 3rd, 2002 @ 05:24 am
Posted By Brent
Well, I haven't done any kind of video game update in, hrmph, probably well over a year now. If your wondering why its mostly due to the fact that my computer sucks, in relative terms, compared to the monsters required to render most of the games that get me excited these days.

Now, I'm no Angry John here, by that I mean that games hold no enjoyment for me anymore, and I mistake that as being that there are no good games on the planet . I enjoy the fuck out of games. But most Quake 3 mods (Urban Terror in particular) and newer titles (Return to Castle Wolfenstein in that category) just don't run worth 2 turds on my current setup. There are quite a few things a' stirring in the gaming community (apart from the Macintosh Crossgender Game Programmer) that have gotten me excited recently, so indulge me for a bit...


A group of some sort in Planetside
Planetside. Now you may remember post I did well over a year ago on this site that included cool screenshots and such. Well, the motherfucker still isn't out (so I don't even know why I'm bringing it up). So what made me think of it? I haven't the foggiest. All I know is that this is probably the only that could bring me back to the MMORPG fold -- so its got a level of importance to me in the grand scheme of all video game-ish things.

See, the massive online rpg's are my one caveat in the entire domain of video gaming; I'll play a side-scroller. I'll play an RPG. I'll play a beat-em-up. I'll even play a motherfucking Jap dancing game. But I've been burned by online RPG's time and time again. I see planetside as a speck of light at the end of a dark tunnel.

If Verant is doing it, and they have mistakes to learn from (read: Everquest), then its got to be good. Combine that with a next-generation view of combining the classic first person shooter, ala DooM and Quake (Christ, I said classic in regards to first person shooters), with a online role playing game, complete with dune buggies with mounted rocket launchers, enemy bases to duke it out in and overthrow, and some of the most bad-ass graphics this side of the MMORPG border, Its gotta be a success, right?

Now, it will probably turn out to be shit, but goddamnit, a man can dream, a man can dream...

Warcraft III

Some evil thing fucking it all up in Warcraft III
Pretty much everyone I know peruses pretty much the same sites as me on a daily basis; so this, as with much of this post, is hardly 'Breaking News' to anyone that visits this site with regularity. I'm sure you all read the Slashdot post about the Warcraft III semi-open beta testing that will be starting in the coming weeks.

Now, Warcraft III has me scared on a couple of levels:
  • I wasted way to much time of my younger life in front of a computer playing Warcraft II, and am afraid history will repeat itself.
  • I won't be all that interested in it, thus making it very obvious I've grown up and lost an integral part of my youth.
  • The changes to gameplay are so dramatic, the whole thing just may suck complete dog balls.
I doubt I'll apply for the beta, seeming all three of these fears have a somewhat more considerable chance of happening if I play the beta. If any of you bastards get in, drop me a line here and hook a mo-fo up wit da quatro-uno-uno.

As a side note, and a cross-reference to the Planetside blurb, Blizzard announced some time ago, World of Warcraft, their first venture into the world of massive multiplayer gaming that takes place in the Warcraft universe.

Ok, that's about it. Although I've gotten a good 3-4 hours of sleep this afternoon when I got home from work, its about 5 in the morning, and if I'm going to be of any use at work tomorrow, I must plow my head into a pillow.


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