What's important is that in one hour, Quimby would be dead and Franklin would be inside another species.

-Robert Hamburger (off Ritalin)
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Category: Misc
Wednesday, January 3rd, 2001 @ 11:54 pm
i'll make this brief as i can, but it's the sort of thing i just had to share with the world. (and i guess since this is supposed to be a sort of e/n site, it's the sort of thing i'm supposed to be sharing with you guys anyway).

okay, i'm bouncing around the dumb side of things and i end up at this site. for those of you that know anything about what's good on the net, you'll recognize it as a fairly "good english" version of miguel's site. but given the regularity of updates over there, i'm always in the mood for a comparable alternative and this was doing fine.

on a side note, i'm a smoker. clove cigarettes, pack a day or so. really healthy habit. i count it as one of the key secrets to my longevity (next month i'll be a whole quarter-century old). anyway, one of the benefits of not leading a terribly athletic lifestyle is that i don't often notice any of these alleged side-effects of smoking that health nuts always go on about. however, i do like laughing a whole damned lot and that's not always the most compatible activity with my smoking. but i persevere so i can offer up the funny when i find it.

anyway, on with the reason i came here today. so i'm looking at the aforementioned site and the laughter starts. and it hurts. so i start trying to channel the laughter up through my nose, figuring that might not hurt quite as much. reading reading reading. laughter laughter laughter. when all of a sudden a rather nasty bit of matter that had formed in my nose was propelled with the force of my laughter from its comfortable place of lodging to... i know not where. that's not the really important thing. what's really important and gross is that on its way i felt it slide past/graze my upper lip. and for whatever reason, i felt it in gobs of microscopic detail (no, i don't have an excuse as handy as glitch13 does for the amount of adventure he had for new year's night because my employer wouldn't be at all the least bit understanding of such things. i guess it can be kind of cool to be unemployed.) so um that's my story and it went on for much longer than i meant for it to.

thanks for your time.


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