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Category: Misc
Friday, December 15th, 2000 @ 03:52 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, I'm running WindowBlinds now, and I have to say that its pretty fly. Here a quick shot of my desktop so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Sure, it uses a little processor and memory overhead, but hey, its pretty cool looking so I'm willing to make the trade. You can grab the skin I use, called Darth(as in Vader), along with the coolest skins for WindowBlinds from Dangeruss Industries. This guy makes some cool stuff.

Speaking of processor and memory overhead, the reason the server was down yesterday was because I was working on another maching that I was going to use as a firewall and webserver so I could get this crap off my main machine. I was going to use linux, but the net cards I had in that machine refused to be recognized so I went ahead and threw Win2k on it, and the fucking cards are so old, win2k won't even recognize them. Crap. When I get some good cards I'm still going to use win2k because after thinking about it, I just don't have the brain-bandwidth to work on a linux firewall, keep this site up and maintained in ASP, and undergo the recreation of this site in PHP so I can dump it off onto the linux box. It'll happen, just not soon.

Well, thats it, just wanted to explain why the server was down and to show you the cool windowblinds desktop I have kickin' now. I have some more pics where that pic up there came from, so I guess I'll throw em up for your viewing pleasure...

SheetMetal1- SheetMetal2- SheetMetal3- SheetMetal4- SheetMetal5- SheetMetal6- SheetMetal7- SheetMetal8- SheetMetal9- SheetMetal10- SheetMetal11- SheetMetal12- SheetMetal13- SheetMetal14- SheetMetal15- SheetMetal16- SheetMetal17- SheetMetal18- SheetMetal19- SheetMetal20

John has his top ten best video games list up on his site, so stop by and ridicule him for having Mrs. Pacman on it!


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