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Category: Misc
Thursday, April 22nd, 1999 @ 07:32 am
Posted By Brent
OK, now that the page is uploaded, im a Netscape man so i have no idea if it works with IE, i will now use this time to explain what the hell this site is going to accomplish (seeing as the 411 button over there <== is as of now defunct). As of now, i have no idea. It will either be a page dedicated to 3Dmodeling and animation or personal sounding board for how i hate you all. Just kidding about that. The Nifty Blue Border will soon be spiffed up with a logo and a couple necessary links so don't be thrown off by its total blandness, this too will change. I also need to make a few titles for this, the News page, and the other various pages that abound this site. This hosting company, FortuneCity (from here on reffered to as FortuneShitty) says it has a "banner bot" that runs through the server every week and sticks FortuneShitty's banner ad in here. I'll try to stay on top and yank it out every week until i get a decent host. If you know of a script i can get that will yank it out automatically, please feel free to point me to it. I'm not to hot on the idea of it rooting through my privates and depositing its seed like a drunken frat boy on the last night of spring break, and there's the fact that it may screw my frame layout. Oh yeah, in case you didn't know this is glitch13, your devilishly handsome proprietor, and my cohort in crime would be the talented pusher (no relation to the movie "The Mack" ). Together we make up (insert drum roll) Pungi Stick Productions (motto: There's a little bit of Charley in all of us). Enjoy, visit, rant, rave, shit your pants, but you better have a license for that goat.


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