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Category: Sex
Tuesday, September 7th, 2004 @ 03:05 pm
Posted By foo
The Best Porn Director of all Time
I have been a porn fan for a long time. When I was 13 I used to laboriously record the titty scenes from every movie on Showtime. I had a collage of sci-fi T&A, bikini car washes, softcore porn, and the boob scene from Stripes. I can remember watching Forbidden World and climaxing perfectly in time with all three of the sex scenes.

Porn has grown with me. I did not see my first hardcore porn movie until right around the time I was actually having sex. It was a Ginger Lynn collection. The porn, that is, not the actual sex. The porn had a scene with Peter North and Ginger Lynn which remains one of my very favorites to this day (Penis length and ejaculation distance envy notwithstanding). Over time I very gradually obtained other movies and their subject matter broadened along with my own personal experience. I remember with nostalgia the movie Back Road to Paradise. It was a watershed moment in my life.

Once porn became readily available on the computer – note that this is pre-internet explosion – I had a 250 meg tape backup to archive my porn. That was a lot of porn back then. I also collected magazines and VHS tapes, and it got to a point where I could no longer fit it in my bed stand and had to move it to a foot locker. All the while the collection steadily matured with me. My mind turned to three ways and fetish, to anilingus and costumes.

Then something went wrong. Something horrible has happened to porn.

Glitch and I fancy ourselves to be sex freaks. We are huge porn fiends, and in addition we actually have real life sex with real girls. We do this a lot, and when we aren't doing these things we often talk about doing them, or post ramblings about them on glitch13.com.

The truth is, however, we are obsolete models. We are throwbacks to a bygone era. If you have ever seen the movie Soldier, we are Kurt Russel. I quote the Winkle:

"Doesn't anyone just fuck anymore?"

Porn is a reflection of the desires of those who watch it. What people want to see is what gets made. If the current state of porn is any indication, the world is hopelessly fucked up and I have been left behind.

I have a bit of a rep as a misogynist, and in some senses it is deserved. But I do not hold a candle to what is apparently the vast majority of the male population.

When I go into the porn video store I now find it exceedlingly difficult to find anything I can watch. Porn has become unbelievably brutal towards women. I blame it on the disease known as Rocco Siffredi. The first time I saw him on a box I thought, "Hey, all of these people are good looking, and I'm sick of seeing Tom Byron in every goddamn movie." But then I tried to watch it.

I find Rocco unwatchable. He makes it a point to stretch women's assholes beyond any reasonable point of pleasure. He shoves their heads into toilets. He spits in their faces. He slaps them. And he is immensely popular.

There is a whole Rocco section in the porn store. And while these movies are teeming with beautiful women, there is a catch: You have to watch Rocco abuse them.

Then you have slap happy. This is literally a video full of dudes writing the word "whore" on women in paint, and then slapping them in the face in between brutal bursts of fucking. Also a popular series.

Then you have Max Hardcore. You get to watch a 50 year old man brutalize a beautiful young girl.

Then you have Nacho Vidal. The list goes on and on.

I have always been an ardent supporter of porn. I have always defended it, and argued that is no more degrading to women than men. Given the current state of the industry I really cannot make that argument any longer. It now seems that humiliation is the actual point of the porn rather than being an undesired by-product.

John Stagliano - Buttman - and Joey Silvera are virtually the only big porn directors I can still watch. They use their cameras to worship women's beauty. They linger over every inch of their body and end with good old fashioned ass love. And that is the very best.

But even these bastions of porn quality are not untouched by the horrid Rocco Effect. Even they are slowly moving closer to what is now the mainstream. One day there will be nothing left of that quaint old world that I remember. My children will never know the simpler pleasures in life that do not involve ass fisting or creampie. My children will never live in a world where gangbangs are the exception rather than the rule. And this is a sad world indeed.


NAME: pizza party lover
Sunday, September 12th, 2004 @ 11:10 pm
what about black porn?