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Category: Misc
Tuesday, May 1st, 2001 @ 07:26 pm
Posted By Brent
      Gather round kiddies, its time for the semi-{insert whatever unit of time} pr0n post!

      Now, those that know me, and those that have pressed charges know that I don't like just any kind of pr0n; It needs to have a certain asthetic beauty to it to make it on here. You can keep your big fake tit pictures (not that I have an aversion to fake breasts, just keep 'em under the legal limit and don't be bitchy about playful squeezes), or your cover girl looking like a proped up corpse. Its gotta have a certain style to it to attract my attention, either that or just be plain weird. Everybody who's hung out here a bit knows the rundown: usually lesbians, latex or chains never hurt, futuristic sets are a plus, body paint rox, anything that doesn't include a guy making a face that looks like his nuts are getting lopped off in a bear trap, etc...

      In other news, you've probably noticed that Mr.Fix is now on the staff here (and either the site he's hosting those pics on are down, or he deleted them[UPDATE: Its seems that the host he's using is down]), and Miss A has just finished her application period (pictures of which, I'll post later...) so expect something outta her in the coming hours/days/whatever. There's that and there's Ian who just got back home from here, so he should be doing some sort of 'gee golly, I had a swell time in back home in New Orleans' sort of post soon too.

      Well, the ramble meter hasn't maxed out yet, but before I pass it over to the pr0n for the rest of this episode, I wanted to share something I found. Now you may make fun of me for never having seen this, but I haven't seen a music video in probably over a year. Anyway, I was checking my hitlogs and saw that someone had hit me from google after doing a search for Bjork and Robots or someshit, so I check out where the search takes you and BLAMO! I find what must be one of the phreakiest videos know to man, take a gander: [Clip1] and [Clip2]. Kinda looks like pr0n, only cooler (and I suppose since I'm whoring their link, the site those videos are coming from is www.aviduniverse.com, I think its some kind of puter-animation site, pretty cool stuff there, too [hehe, I said poot]).

Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy


NAME: foo
Thursday, May 3rd, 2001 @ 01:50 pm
Gypsy porn r0x042 your sox-orz!
Hmm...I might need some time alone tonight after work...

NAME: mr.fix
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2001 @ 06:57 pm
host site down...looking to restore my well being...
also did i make you(x7) have buttons? oh well...

NAME: ian the trogydae
Tuesday, May 1st, 2001 @ 10:14 pm
and the pr0n is good too

NAME: ian the trogydae
Tuesday, May 1st, 2001 @ 10:14 pm
sorry, getting re-acquanted with digital life again and just kinda seeing what's been going on online since i left. (and making all those damned buttons go away at the top of my browser- ahem). i've got a long fun day at work tomorrow so if i don't get around to posting a big thank-you story to all concerned in the next 24 hours or so...
gee golly, I had a swell time in back home in New Orleans!