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Category: Misc
Monday, March 5th, 2001 @ 12:51 pm
Posted By Brent
I've noticed a few things about office life in my small tenure, all of them being complete uniques that as a whole create this thing called 'Office Dwelling'.

One of the first and formost being the elevator silence; sure we've all experienced it, but when you're an office dweller, you experience it 5 times a day at least. It goes something like this: you and your 'colleague' are chatting about something, about to hop on the elevator, when lo and behold the door opens up and its got people in it. A rift in the space time continuim occurs here, your conversation stops, no matter how intense it was at the time the elevator open, and everyone - including you and your 'colleague' - just stand there and stare blankly, heads titled at forty-five degrees, looking at the little current floor readout. The second you hit your floor and get out, the conversation starts back off right where it ended and no one even blinks at it. Dave says that in phsyc curriculums in college, they have entire classes on 'Elevator Behaviour', I believe it.

Another anomonaly is desk arrangement. I'll start this one off by saying if you're in a cubicle, you already know your station in life (or in the office rather). But, if your have your own desk in an open office (or even your own office for that matter), here's a sure fire way to tell whether or not you're a scrub or a man of stature: if your desk faces a wall, you're a grunt; if your desk faces a door or a couple of chairs, you're a real player. To recap: facing wall - peon; facing open space - not a person that will be replaced if the shit hits the fan. Now this isn't a dig at your skillz in your chosen craft, its just simple office politics.

Well, this is getting kinda lengthy, and I have some work to finish, so I'll be adding to this from time to time I guess.

Feel free to post your own astute observations about this way of life in the comments.


NAME: Girlygirl
Thursday, March 15th, 2001 @ 01:20 pm
i hope that you don't have backup of the falcon landing...what a nut case that chic turned out to be.

NAME: glitch13
Thursday, March 15th, 2001 @ 03:40 am
well, I was being conservative but heres the 'expected rundown':
1: to office
2: 10:30 smoke break
3: back up
4: lunch
5: back up
6: 2:30 smoke break
7: back up
8 home
is i suppose, where i am it more like 10-12 trip with the amount of smoke breaks i take.

NAME: ian the trogydae
Wednesday, March 14th, 2001 @ 11:11 pm
five trips on the elevator?

okay, here's the rundown as i see it...

trip one: up to the office

trip two: back downstairs (lunch? smoke break?)

trip three: back upstairs after trip two

trip four: not so much a trip as a "hit stop between floors for a little afternoon spurt session"

trip five: back downstairs after a long day at work

hell, correct me if i'm wrong here

NAME: foo
Tuesday, March 6th, 2001 @ 02:54 pm
Too bad we didn't have that clear fucking webcam when the eagle landed....

NAME: glitch13
Tuesday, March 6th, 2001 @ 02:51 pm
I didn't edit it, you had 3 posts that all together kinda made one intellegible sentence, so I lumped em together, don't pretend that your were spouting some words of wisdom and I chopped em out or someshit.

NAME: Feasty
Tuesday, March 6th, 2001 @ 02:48 pm
Stop editing my posts

NAME: glitch13
Monday, March 5th, 2001 @ 08:36 pm
Everybody, go to the forum and make fun of feasty for being stuck in Dal-ASS!

NAME: Feasty
Monday, March 5th, 2001 @ 08:00 pm
No one cares, post some cool shit.

Add some new photos for the love of god. You have the same photos from 5 years ago, and some silly homo shit at the bottom.

Sorry, i got no weed =(