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Category: Music
Tuesday, January 8th, 2002 @ 03:11 pm
Posted By girlygirl
Well Elvis, it's your birthday...I think that makes you 67 if you are still roaming the earth. So, anyhow, Happy Birthday!

Jelly Donuts for everyone!

P.S. if you really did come to your demise on the shitter, send us a sign to let us know that everything's cool in Rock-n-Roll Heaven.

An update from glitch13:

Elvis. The King. Goddamn he's probably the coolest motherfucker in my book -- fuck what you boy band Beatles fags say, they don't make 'em any cooler than this bastard. Of course when anyone reaches the geritol rock stage of their career things are all downhill, but in his prime no one did, or will, hold a candle to him.

And I guess while we're speaking of kings of some sort or another, I guess I'll make a note that the king of good fast food, Dave Thomas, died yesterday. They didn't release the cause, but I'm going to guess its from eating too many of the tastiest burgers this side of Alpha-Centauri.

w3rd up.


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Category: Music
Saturday, October 20th, 2001 @ 12:10 pm
Posted By Brent

Its the post you all knew would have to happen.

Well, my life has been fractured in twain. My life now consists of the time before I saw the D blow my ass out, and the time since I saw the D blow my ass out. I've never before been to a show that I just didn't want to end. Even if its a band I like, usually around the hour, hour and a half mark I start waiting for them to wrap things up, and I usually just clap for an encore because that's what a good supportive fan would do. I wanted, nay, needed them to keep rocking the mutherfucking hizzouse.

The only real downer was that you could tell the show was scripted, but still, you could see where they were playing around with it all impromtu style. I think Ian went into it really thinking he may get converted, but alas, the studio quality of the CD was not there on the stage (where it had no place being in my opinion), and he had fun, but he won't be rocking the D in a home audio device anytime soon, I'm sure of that.

If I had a digital camera I'd show your the fly ass album cover mini poster I got that was signed by Kage and Jables, but I have yet to take that far, and expensive, step into the year 2000 and change.

All in all it was a rock ass show, a bit on the crowded side, especially since the House of Booze wasn't designed so that everyone in the place could see the action on stage, but my crew managed to worm our way into a position with kick ass viewage after a few songs.



Category: Music
Saturday, July 21st, 2001 @ 03:26 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, congratulations to me and a few other compadres for partaking in what is probably the lengthiest discussion to ever have taken place here. I was guessing that I better throw up a new update before it either stagnated, or people started killing each other.

In other news, I got in a 3 hour long phone debate with Ian over the stronger points of Tenacious D. He's a disbeliever, and try as I might, I couldn't make him a convert. Now he tried to pull some kind of comparison with a music he liked and I didn't, and somehow The Bauhaus came into the argument. Now, The Bauhaus suck. They suck big dicks. I would even go so far as to say they like sucking big dicks. How can you preach disdain for the D, and say these guys rock the motherfucking house? I'm sorry, if you like them, you're not an art fag, you're an art fag minus the 'art' part. While most rockstars may have this greet them at their hotel room after a show, The Bauhaus probably had this.

Ok, now that I've taken cheap pot-shots at one of my best friend's sexuality, I'll digress.

Bill Brasky once punched through a cow just to see what was coming down the road!

After hearing bitching for a while now, and having people pop up these comments all over the site instead of a centralized location, I'm adding a commenting system to the poll. It will probably be a while seeming as I no longer have Office, so I'll be creating everthing by hand in SQL. Kinda sucks, but makes me a more well rounded person.

If you all haven't visited Angry John's site in a while, you might want to check it out. His promises are empty. Regardless of what he's said, its Saturday afternoon and we're not here grillin' up some tuna steaks. Don't play with my emotions, I'll kick your ass and piss in your dead skull. He's probably an art fag minus the 'art' part too. But he does like Ten D, so I guess the universe is in balance after all.

I railed on Peter for a while because I thought he lied to me and said the D was playing with Ween in Denver, and I saw no evidence of it anywhere. I apologize, the annoucement is on both of their sites now, he was right. To bad I don't live ANYWHERE NEAR FUCKING COLORADO. I would be at that show quicker that you can say 'art fags don't like funny music'.

I guess this is the end of this post, so I'll leave you with a couple of gals who could either be A) a fake Spice Girls porn photo shoot, or B) the new Glitch13.com Cheerleaders. You decide:

[Ed Note] Oh yeah, you have to hear this shit.


Category: Music
Tuesday, July 17th, 2001 @ 09:44 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, Theres bigass news ladies and gents! I may be a little late on this, but I have exclusive news, if by exclusive I mean me and everyone else who reads sites about the self-proclaimed Greatest Band on Earth, that the one, the only Tenacious D is currently making their first album which will be released on September 25th. And get this shit, its being produced by the not so one and only Dust Brothers of Paul's Boutique and Beck fame. Not only that thought, they also have a motherfucking movie(!) in the works.

In celebration of this grand announcement, I have found the D's first video, and internet only release (yes, I am aware of the stigma attached to internet only releases), created by non other than that dude whom no one can ever remember his name, that makes Ren & Stimpy and Spumco and all that sick shit:

Fuck Her Gently

Its in Flash, and its a biggin (bout 3 megs), so give it some time, I don't know how long it will take to download on the shitty ass upload speed I get on cable. In other news, as if there's news comparable to that, .... wait there isn't.

But anyhow, I was reading Penny Arcade the other day, and they had shot out a link to this little tidbit about this industry secret lawsuit about this guy who got fucked up the ass by Coca-Cola and the Federal Courts(figuratively, of course). I think this guy is my new hero. Its a long read, but well fucking worth it if you are at all interested in the depths that a multinational corporation will sink to cover up its own fucking retardation. Its fucked up that no mainstream news organization is covering it in the least.


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