I have 2 rare photographs. One is Houdini locking his keys in his car. The other is Norman Rockwell beating up a child.

-Stephen Wright
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Category: Social
Friday, March 1st, 2002 @ 01:22 am
It's Friday.

Where errybody gonna be?
That's right.

And why we gon' be there?
Fuckin' a.

Also, a big birthday shout out to pusher. If I had a picture to post, I'd do it. But I'm sure glitch has something clever in the works.

Who's playing there on April Fools' Day?
The Toilet Boys, that's who. And I don't really care what day of the week that falls on. I've already missed them once in this fine city.

This is the part where I lie and say the reason I haven't been contributing is because I've been working on some really cool post. But I did find this while I was making sure I had my links right. And I think that picture almost makes up for it. And if that doesn't, this might. (thank you, misterpants.)


Category: Social
Tuesday, January 1st, 2002 @ 12:09 am
Posted By Brent
Happy Motherfucking New Year.

Update 01/01/2002 - 6:11 PM

Well, last night was fun, nothing amazing happened, but fun none the less. Comparing it to last new years wouldn't be right, seeming as I didn't have the added UMPFF of pharmaceutical fun enhancers, but all in all a good time was had.

I was able to have Quintron rock my sphincter out again -- I suppose he's now a sort of New Year's tradition of sorts at El Matador on Decatur. Was a damn good show, if not a little on the cramped side. We ended up ditching it early due to our compadres being clausterphobic or someshit; they just couldn't hang in the packed-ass audience.


Category: Social
Tuesday, December 25th, 2001 @ 04:12 pm
Posted By mr.fix
    I woke today, drank coffee and started reading the news paper. It was nice. then horror, shock and suprise. Megan Hamilton has been running a candy cock whore house in great falls, mt and not one person told me!!! I'm sure that our boy Ian knew about it since he was in the military and all, but dang!! As you all can see in the add pictured above the house is appropriately named "chocolate licorice gate". Which may be the reason I was never let in on the secret, I am neither chocolate nor am I fond of the "licorice". aparantly by the looks of the mighty towers at the "chocolate licorice gate" you only need to put the condom on the tip of the wang. Which is a plus if you want to pretend that your dick is robbing a bank when you are doing the dirty. I could say more now but I'll wait until i get back and tell you what I found. I will tell you right now that if i get to 4004 14th ave. s. and no one is getting their got damn rocks off i'm gonna write the better buisness burough a letter telling them of the false advertising going on!!

    I may even write a letter to the editor of the Great Falls tribune and Megan's parents. If any of you would like to write Megan a letter the zip code is 59405. Please remember to address it to Megan's parents because I think that Megan is in elementry school.

    I would like also to extend a special Christmas message to all of my friends here at the all mighty and thought provoking GLITCH13...be safe, be happy and SUCKA' MY DICK!!!

    In the imortal words of mr.fix "that is all"


Category: Social
Sunday, December 23rd, 2001 @ 05:56 am
Posted By girlygirl
Once again, it's time for the irritable bitch in me to find it's way to the surface of my being. I just don't understand why 2 weeks out of every month are pretty much just miserable for me (and most women, I'm guessing). The week that the "red tide" flows really isn't as bad as the week before. The PreRag week I turn into this monster that even I don't want to be around. I can only imagine the grief that Glitch feels having to deal with my crampy, bloated, bitchy ass.

The only possible up side to PMS is the enlargement of the breasts. Although this isn't much of a plus if your man just wants to play with them. They really do get tender...I mean, they're cool to look at and all; but for some reason my man thinks that this is the best time to squeeze on them. And that just makes me more irritable. Really the irritability just never seems to end.

Now, some women don't seem to have it as bad as others. I guess that it just gets worse with age; until that clock starts running out. And then you just have bigger and better, old people problems to deal with.

I've found that someone out there actually offers (and is profiting on this) a blood test to find out if you have PMS. As if you couldn't tell.


Category: Social
Tuesday, December 4th, 2001 @ 09:59 pm
Posted By Brent
The staff of glitch13.com rocking their brand new geek-mobiles! OK, Ms. A may not have ever posted, but she's got an account, whether she likes it or not. As far as scooter-mania goes, To quote Tycho from yesterday's episode of Penny Arcade, "IT was being "revealed" today, even though almost everyone I know thought it was a scooter, which it is. An extremely fancy scooter which will cost three thousand dollars, yes, but we're still squarely situated in Scootersville." That about sums up my impression. Yay, cool, a bad ass scooter. Even sounds funny coming outta my own mouth.

But anywho, to continue, not much has happened around my neck of the woods. People hang out with me, people go home, people don't buy me a spider monkey for Christmas, people die in their sleep. Such is life.

Of course this isn't to say me and my friends don't have fun. This weekend, I got to have my way with Matt's senior picture. Now, this is just a symbolic gesture regarding more sinister real world occurrences of the same. To give him credit, he's been known to get me back a time or two, so I guess alls fair in love and war. Now, take into consideration that those last two shots happened on a night when I was in some pretty bad shape, so don't hold it against me, I'm not easy, just Irish.

Guess I'll run now, so let me leave you with some parting shots...


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