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-Vice President Al Gore
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Category: Misc
Saturday, March 31st, 2001 @ 12:29 pm
Posted By Brent
Little TV sets going off inside my ears. Space men floating by, firecracker beer.
Chase the deamons lightly; news inside your eye. Up and down the sidewalk; take a Doo Doo Pie. I love you...

If you've never seen that episode of SNL, you missed it, man that was some funny shit.

Well, for those of you not in the "know", I trained Xerxes for a few duties on the site other than writing news updates and being my enema boy, and BAM! you have your brand-spankin-new issue of


I'm thinking of changing all the issues over to the layout this new one has, I just think I looks a little less clusterfucked. That's about all I have for now, have fun kiddies!


NAME: ronald reagun
WEBSITE: http://www.amigayornot.com
Sunday, April 1st, 2001 @ 06:08 pm
It was Saturday afternoon March 10, 2001 when after receiving a letter that left me quite depress, I spent almost two days in a deep depression, and God used that time to let me know how wrong it was to have a web page designed to lust and masturbate while watching pictures or taking the fetish test. I felt very bad knowing that not only was I doing it, but I was enticing others to do the same. I truly hope that one day soon you can see it from my point of view. Now I'm the happiest man in the world after I gave my life to Jesus, and I want to tell others so they can do the same. I wish you the very best, God bless you

NAME: mr.fix
Sunday, April 1st, 2001 @ 05:32 pm
he's in the military they get's boots in there asses all the time...

NAME: ian
WEBSITE: http://www.platinumgrit.com
Saturday, March 31st, 2001 @ 05:58 pm
man, i told him and i told him and i told him that that guy's foot in no way, shape, or form had any business in that woman's snatch. but he just didn't seem to find it all that fucked up.