i hate that fucking liar. every word that comes out of his mouth is a fucking lie.

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Category: Misc
Sunday, December 31st, 2000 @ 06:38 pm
Posted By Brent
Nothing much happening, I'm about to go out and boogie down till the break of day to celebrate the new year and all so I just thought I'd blurb a post up before I skidaddled. The writers can now add polls and shit, so have at it. Have fun fags, and pray the world doesn't end this time either.

Hey, two more posts and no one will even know someone else writes for this page (ahem).


Category: Misc
Sunday, December 31st, 2000 @ 10:21 am
Posted By Brent
Well, as you can see, I did a little redesigning. All the little features like the poll now fit neatly in the little strip of shiznit to your right. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Now, I know that my little 'Vital Stats' box may start a flame war so have at it. I'm not any more happy that M$ has won the browser wars, but the fact is I've used just about every browser and in my honest opinion, IE is the best. People may claim that they break standards (me included), but I'm pretty sure I've tip-toed around IE specific features with this page so that should be transparent.

And as far as the resolution is concerned, if you're not in 1024x768 or higher, you're a fucking scrub, jack it up if you can. If you can't, buy a new video card/monitor and join the rest of civilization. I myself run in 1280x1024 and, even thought I've only been in this resolution for about a week, I can't imagine giving up all this screen real estate that I'm now used to.

On a side note, I changed the news archiving system a bit. Now instead of showing a specified number of days worth of posts on the main page and the rest in the archive, it now shows a specified number of posts on the main page and the rest in the archive. I did this incase something happened and I wasn't able to update for a while, and xerxes continued on updating with the frequency he has this past week, it wouldn't result in the main page having 2 or 3 posts on it due to the archive's date rules. Its set to display 8 posts now, tell me if you think it should display any more or less or if you would like me to impliment a cookie so you can decide how many posts are visible for each individual visitor.

And if you can think of another cool little feature to go in the side panel, be sure and drop a comment to suggest it.


Category: Misc
Saturday, December 30th, 2000 @ 04:54 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, I've been pretty busy coding a polling system for the site, only problem is now that its done, I have no where to put it. I think I may have to switch the site over from frames to tables due to the fact that I keep adding more functionality and little features and things yet I have no where to display them. People who browse at anything below 800x600 can't see all the options in the left frame as is, so I guess it has to happen sooner or later. I tried redesigning the site for tables a while back ago, but I hit a brick wall and now I don't know what to do. Maybe John will be cool and come over one night and show me how to do all that crazy dynamic includes or however he does it.

Anywho, if you didn't follow the link in the last post, or you just didn't think it was that funny, you're gay, be sure and call your mom and tell her.

Oh yea, here's the poll I've been working on. Give'er a run and leave a comment about what ya think about it. It spawns a new window for the results, but that's just cause I'm planning on adding to the front page and I don't want to make people leave and come back just to vote on a dinky poll. I'm going to add the ability for writers to add polls but not just yet, that'll proly be more work that making the damn polling system to begin with.


Category: Misc
Saturday, December 30th, 2000 @ 01:56 pm
Posted By Brent

I think this is the funniest thing I've seen since FatChicksInPartyHats.com.


Category: Misc
Thursday, December 28th, 2000 @ 03:13 pm
Posted By Brent
I found a link on Stile's to a site called My Miserable Life, and I was reading it for probably about 30 minutes and now I want to vomit. For the uninitiated or the people not interested in clicking, its basically a forum for people who's dad raped them and gave them herpes, got disfigured and lost all their friends or just have had a life I would have given up on 10 years ago. They submit rants and shit about how horrible it is that they got raped and knocked up by a retarded guy in a hospital and no ones believes them, and other such nightmarish muck.

On the lighter side, I've come to a conclusion that could possibly help these people: if your not going to kill yourself, go and kill someone else! Think about it, you'll be taking out aggression, and in the process hook your homeless, molested ass up with a place to sleep, a roof over your head and 3 meals a day. To avoid being raped, you will embark on a vigorous bodybuilding plan and get in shape. With our lax laws these days, you may be out in around 10 years (less if you can prove temorary insanity), with a lean, well muscled body, and due to 8 years of liberal leadership, you will probably get hooked up with some bleeding heart 'give jobs to the criminally insane' kinda government program that will provide you will a home and a good job. Damn, I'm kinda temping myself here!

Speaking of liberal governments, I saw some blurb on Roggan.net about Finlands traffic ticketing process, so I did a little research and found that it is infact completely fucking insane. Here's a little article about what I'm talking about. Basically, you get pulled over and get cited for breaking whatever law (speeding, reckless driving, etc.), then your name gets run and your income is checked and then through some Orwellian mathmatical formula your fine is somehow worked out of how much you make. What this all boils down to is you get 'more punished' for being 'more financially viable'. Great practice guys! Its always a good idea to punish in a more strict manner the individuals who are making a greater contribution to your economy! No wonder your fucking government is going bankrupt you morons. I'll try to keep that in mind next time I pay for a doctor visit (gasp!).

Thats about it for now, I ran across something about naturally glowing christmas trees, and I'm hoping someone makes house plants outta this crap, that way I can ditch my electricity bill (damn, I forgot I live in New Orleans, need A/C year round here ya know).

Oh yea, I worked line break parsing into the commenting code so you no longer have to do html paragraph breaks to break a line, just hit enter. (For the writer's info: I don't think I'm going to add this to the normal news updates, basically because it uses a couple of rather large variables that would be used for every visiable update, everytime someone viewed it, so it could bog down the system.)