There is no limit to what a man can acheive, as long as he doesn't mind who takes the credit.

-Ronald Reagan
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Category: Misc
Sunday, March 31st, 2002 @ 03:42 pm
Posted By girlygirl
I left an egg under your pillow too.
Well, I'm sure that we've all been outside running around thru the dewy grass, looking for those bright colored eggs this morning. I hope that you didn't miss any. People walking by your house in a few days might think that you left the lid off of your garbage can. And oh how embarrassing that can be.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say: "This has to be a dentists second favorite holiday, next to Halloween".

Oh the joys of being a kid. They really only want the plastic eggs with the candy treasure inside.

I still don't know what to think about the little candy eggs inside an "egg". That one just never made a lot of sense to me.

Happy hunting everyone!


Category: Booze
Thursday, March 28th, 2002 @ 07:45 pm
Posted By Brent
Two roads diverged in a wood...
Ahh, the joys of a three day weekend. In the world of the nine-to-fiver, does such a wonderment compare? Of course not, but along with the joys comes much responsibility...

Well, not normally, but in my precarious position, I must judge wisely my actions of said "three day weekend". "How so?" you might ask. You see, I am on the precipice of full-blown alcoholism and as a working stiff, have shifted my vices to an according schedule. Yes, as you have read in previous posts, I do all my drinking on weekends as to not interfere with my work schedule. If you've ever woken up for work in a drunken stupor from the night before, you'll understand my situation all the more.

All of my debauchery takes place on the weekend, therefore, with Thursday not officially being a weekend and all, I am in what some would call a pickle. Do I enjoy said "three day weekend" to it's fullest, or do I stick to my stringent schedule of schluffing moral turpitude to the remaining days of the week in which I am not normally employed in some extent.

Well, I have to say, during the course of writing this article, I delved myself into the bottle in hopes of finding the one, pure truth. I have made my decision, and I hope you all can abide by it.


Category: Tech
Tuesday, March 26th, 2002 @ 09:27 pm
Posted By Brent
Gremlins got to my shit.
For those of you not in the know, my Linux router crashed around Thursday or so and this is just about the first contact I've had with the outside world via the internet (besides work where its pretty impossible to work on the site). I'm just getting a shout out to all my brethren that we're still alive here. I have no idea what happened to it, but the machine died, and when I got it back up shit just wasn't working right. I could go into it but I'm pretty damned sure you don't give a rat's ass, so I'll spare ya.

In seemingly unrelated news, I did (or didn't) get my hands on a copy of what could be called Warcraft III beta. Or then again maybe I didn't because that would be illegal. But, if I did (or didn't) play it, it seemed that my computer was (or wasn't) too damned slow to play it (or not play it), if I even had it that is, which I'm not saying I do.

In seemingly related news, I also got my hands on that Freedom Force demo that Tycho from PA has been shittin' biscuits about for the past half a week or so. I have to commend them, its pretty damned fun, and wicked original. Its top down (at a moveable angle), 3D, freeform play (as in not turn based) where you run around scenarios such as urban areas or docks, as a superhero. Just running around picking up cars an throwing them at people and crazy shits like that. You can even design you own characters with custom powers and such. You can play as a team of superdudes (and superbroads) at the same time, so they allow you to do that cool Baldur's Gate-ish pause so you can give all of your guy's directions, then unpause and they run around batshit doing all the stuff you told them to. But its still not turn based. Trust me.

Well, in closing I guess I'll say that due to the recent experiences I had (or didn't have) with Warcraft III, combined with a few other little things that have been making my proverbial ass itch, I think my next investment will be a new computer. I'll aim at the P4 low one Gigahertz range, but I'm in an bad way with mula at moment, what with a vacation coming up and all. Oh, yeah, and there's that little incident that happened about two weeks ago where my student load people finally tracked me down, ripped all my tax refund outta the IRS, and began garnishing my wages. Those fucks will burn in hell.


Category: Misc
Tuesday, March 26th, 2002 @ 12:57 am
Bumping that last one down now. It was long and rambly and bleh. Miss A's birthday extravaganza post is due along any day now, but for the sake of sharing things worth sharing I bring you three links.

Some time ago, I read something that I thought was really cool. I found it again tonight. Viola.
The Right Way To Beat Up A Girl

I found that tonight because I was reading something else that was really awesome. Really, really awesome. And at the end, I thought the voice seemed familiar. Sure enough. That really awesome thing?
Where I've Been

You really have to read that. All of you. It's good. There's drinking. Picking up girls. Death threats. Tough talking. There's also some philosophical stuff, so I'm sure foo will be able to pick that apart. Mark Driver is a good writer and I want you all to know the wonder of his words. (And I do mean words. No illustrations to break it up. Lots of words. But well-written.)

Oh yeah, I said three links. I got to "Where I've Been" because of the top secret diary of mary chen, which I've linked to in the past. But I love her, so I'm reminding all of you to check her out once in awhile.

Okay, this was supposed to be short/sweet but then I rambled.

Over and out.


Category: Personal
Saturday, March 23rd, 2002 @ 01:38 pm
This past week has found me in rather rare form. A million circumstances all fell into place at once and the result has been -for lack of a better word- groundshaking. At least insofar as one might consider my head the ground.

Last weekend was a wonderful time filled with hanging out with those of you I know and love in this fair city. However, it was yet another weekend where very little economic input was coming from me and though I had lots of fun I was left feeling like a mooch. And if there is one type of human I have absolute hatred for at this point in the game, it's a mooch. So there's part of it. I was a mooch last weekend and I hate mooches. Something's got to change.

Part of the mooching resulted in my accepting a pack of cigarettes that I lacked the funds for at the time. And then I got home from my weekend of mooching and found that my finances didn't really allow for the purchase of cigarettes. And boy was I pissed. I tried cleaning my room and ended up throwing just about everything I picked up due to frustration tied with some aspect of where it was when I picked it up or some minor difficulty involved in putting it away. Then something got me really angry (something physical and substantial- not just the lame philosophical shit I usually go off on) and I just had to get out. So I went for a walk. And that walk was brisk. And that walk became a run. I ran for like two miles without stopping. Yes. I, who claim to be willing to walk to Cuba before running a block, ran for two miles. And did my little brain race.

My brain raced and said it was time to stop being a mooch. That means getting finances in order. That means cutting out wasteful expenses. Four dollars a day time thirty days a month equals one hundred and twenty dollars that could go to anything else. Anyfucking thing else. But I would be facing an increase in appetite and a hit in metabolic rate. This would not be the last night I'd be running. As I ran and felt my blood pumping and my muscles working in concert to move me forward, I realized what needed to happen. For twenty-six years I have dumped endless unrelated facts into my head. I have watched behind the music. I have read trivial pursuit cards. I put a blue led in my old answering machine just to see if I could do it. I've focused me attentions on a porn star and collected every picture I could find. I've seen the heart of a nuclear missile laid open and then reassembled. I can easily and confidently explain the origin of the term "breakdancing". My brain may not be the best when compared to those of my esteemed associates, but it's got a fair amount of sharp to it. My body is what is lacking. And that is going to change.

It's about fucking time.

I have goals. In the long run, I am aiming for something a little short of swoll. Why not swoll? Am I simply aiming low so that I don't have to work too much? No. Two reasons. One, I don't like the word swoll. Two, I've never much cared for the muscle-bound look. But I want command of this meat I'm living in. I want to knock out a few pullups. I want to knock out way more than a few pushups. And already I am making progress towards this. Within two months, if I stay focused, I should be able to enjoy a trip to the beach without the protection of a shirt to cover my pale, flabby self. And I have one person to thank as proof that all of this is possible.

I called him fat and he made himself not fat. And now I will do the same with myself. And then I will have achieved my own definition of ubermensch. I will be in possession of a sharp mind and a developed body. I will be able to carry my own in an argument as I have always done- with strongarm tactics like "shutup, you're fat". And I'll be able to last maybe a minute or two in a fight, as opposed to the ten seconds I could muster now. Regrettably, this has not been a very well-reasoned or laid out update, but it's been a few days of bnetd stuff and this is really just a mission statement. This is something for people to rib me about and ask if I'm keeping up with. This is not the "I'm not gonna drink thing". I lacked true purpose then. I do not now.

Over and out.