Whether they find life there or not, I think Jupiter should be considered an enemy planet.

-Jack Handey
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Category: Politics
Tuesday, October 30th, 2001 @ 05:13 pm
okay, i'd really like to spend this whole block of news update publicly thanking everyone for being so cool and helpful while i've been offline, but i'm afraid that just won't be possible right now.

well, i guess i can do that, but not for too long. there's big news afoot. so thanks (publicly) everyone for being so cool and helpful this past month or so. soon as i get the e-mail situation worked out i'll be e-mailing you all hugemongous wads of smelly green cash. but now there's a crisis that needs to be addressed.

i'm sure you can all readily recognize that as the package design for mountain dew's code red line of drinks. seems normal and harmless enough, right? WRONG!!! just a few short days ago i was in a convenience store and i saw a case of the stuff sitting upside down.

just like that. at first, i thought it interesting that the M and W were still lined up the same way. then i saw it. what normally says "Dew" clearly says "Mao" when inverted. you know, like chairman mao, evil communist dictator of china. and the box was red, like code red. and the code red thing started in china. and wow! it just like all hit me at once. code red mountain dew will make you a communist if you drink it.

so stay away from that stuff, kids. you've been warned.


Category: Misc
Monday, October 29th, 2001 @ 08:02 pm
Posted By Brent
This may be a half-assed post seeming as I just posted it and the fucking site lost it. Fuck all. It was actually my fault, I left out the post title, and left out code protecting me from such retardness in the back end of the site.

Friday the plumber working on my house blew a fuse and played switcheroo on all the fusing in the goddamned fuse box and when all was said and done, I turned on my computer and it looked like someone had shit on the electron gun in the monitor. So a day and a couple hundred dollars later, I hook up my new 17 incher and, of course, same problem. Must be my video card (or mobo, who knows).

Work is becoming more and more of a cluster fuck as the days go by. When I first started in the business, I spent six months as a scrubby psuedo apprentice. Then six months as half of the development team. Now, at my new company, after an additional six months, I am now 'the go to man.' Yup, the man with the plan, the last line of defense when the contract is in danger. I can't tell if its because of my amazing smarts, the nature of the software business, or my devilishly good looks. Maybe a mixture of all of 'em with an extra dash of the last one. At least my cubicle comes with perks.

Vulva Pump! The thinking man's fetish!

While searching around for cool asian ass porn, I ran into what I can only describe as a Japanese Wolverine fetish. Then again, what do you expect out of a bunch of people who can buy used women's underwear from vending machines? What a bunch of freakaziods.

Well, that's about all she wrote for this (re)post, and this shit ass blur on my screen is giving me a headache. Have some ass.


Category: Misc
Saturday, October 27th, 2001 @ 10:04 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, not much happening. I think I'm going out tonight seeming as I have a cluster-fuck of hell waiting for me on November 1st at work so I probably won't be going out on Halloween night, much to my chagrin.

I don't really know what's up with Fix, I'd think he would have posted by now, but nope, he's being a fucking butt pope. Ian on the other hand has been trying to get the ole I-net access at his new pad for a while now but running into nothing but renter's red tape. Fucking schmoes at Cox are probably just dragging thier feet because of all of the @Home bankruptcy chit. But that's just speculation. Well, I'm going to get my drink on, let Marty Feldman keep you company on this blustery October night. Boo!


Category: Humor
Wednesday, October 24th, 2001 @ 10:25 pm
Posted By Brent
The FBI has just released a public service announcement about the recent rash of 'bio-terrorism' in the form of anthrax contaminated letters sent to media and political institutions in the past weeks.

"Although vigilance and safety should be a part of every American's life during this national crisis," FBI Director Louis J. Freeh stated, "but it seems the public has little to worry about as long as they avoid handling letters that appear to be addressed by a mildly retarded person with a grasp of penmenship equal to that of your average first grader." He continued, "By keeping out of contact with letters that seem to be penned by someone who's never seen a sheet of paper with lines on it before, you should be just fine."

Director Freeh seemed to be quite secure in the American public's safety during these acts of terrorism which he referred to as "the troglodytic scribblings of a person that hasn't quite comprehended the basics of contacting a pen to paper."


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Category: Music
Saturday, October 20th, 2001 @ 12:10 pm
Posted By Brent

Its the post you all knew would have to happen.

Well, my life has been fractured in twain. My life now consists of the time before I saw the D blow my ass out, and the time since I saw the D blow my ass out. I've never before been to a show that I just didn't want to end. Even if its a band I like, usually around the hour, hour and a half mark I start waiting for them to wrap things up, and I usually just clap for an encore because that's what a good supportive fan would do. I wanted, nay, needed them to keep rocking the mutherfucking hizzouse.

The only real downer was that you could tell the show was scripted, but still, you could see where they were playing around with it all impromtu style. I think Ian went into it really thinking he may get converted, but alas, the studio quality of the CD was not there on the stage (where it had no place being in my opinion), and he had fun, but he won't be rocking the D in a home audio device anytime soon, I'm sure of that.

If I had a digital camera I'd show your the fly ass album cover mini poster I got that was signed by Kage and Jables, but I have yet to take that far, and expensive, step into the year 2000 and change.

All in all it was a rock ass show, a bit on the crowded side, especially since the House of Booze wasn't designed so that everyone in the place could see the action on stage, but my crew managed to worm our way into a position with kick ass viewage after a few songs.